04 March 2009

Together with our president

Today, the International court took a decision of arrest the president of republic of Sudan – Omar Hassan Al-Bashier- according to the note of the general pretender L.Ockampo.
I'm not political, but I'm Sudanese citizen. It's important to me for living safely inside my country, and nobody wants Sudan to be another Iraq.
In 2003 ex USA president took a decision of starting war in Iraq because they want to arrest the ex president of Iraq, they said "Iraq has extensive devastation weapons ", but until now we didn't see any weapons. It was a trap to destroy the Iraq and exploit its resources.
Now, it is turn of Sudan they took Darfur as a way to do the same with the Sudan. So we will not give up and accept arresting our president and destroying our country. So we will stand by our president and help him to show the truth that happened in Darfur and uncover the real enemies of this country who playing dirty game which can put our country in danger.
Sudanese people are in streets since the decision was taken. They swore to keep our president and country safe. So if anybody tried to arrest our president we will face him with force to keep ourselves and home safe.


Hayden said...

Hello Muhanned, my name is Hayden and i am from Canada. I find it inspiring that you take the time to take interest in your country's current events despite the hard times that you must be enduring. I am thinking of traveling to Darfur and doing some freelance reporting on everything that is happening in your country. Do you have an opinion or some advice to a foreigner looking to uncover some truths in your country?

Muhanned said...

Hi Hayden,
It will be good to discover the truth. You can make a request to the Sudanese embassy in your country to get visa and come to see by yourself that all what said is not true.

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