24 February 2009

Deserved to be thanked

Hi everyone,
Sorry for being lazy all this time, and I hope to write weekly from now.
This time I'm going to tell you a real story happened in the latest few weeks.
In our university it's not possible to enter the university without paying your full fees.
There was a girl, she wasn't able to pay the second part of her fees (450$). we went to the manager of the university but he doesn't allow us to meet him, as his assitance did.
We tried all ways to pay these fees, but we couldn't.
Finally, I wrote a note to Mustafa Abo-Alaza'em the editor-in-chief of "Akhir Lahza" (it's a newspaper ).
one day after, he published the note on the newspaper, and two days later they call me to help that girl to pay her fees.
I went to newspaper's offices and met him, they surprised me by paying the fees off that Student.
So I want to thank all of people who helped to rescue that student specially "Akir Lahza", "Friendship Hall " manager, and "Wakfs Authority- khartoum state".
They deserved to be thanked for all what they did.


Riz said...

Hi, you have a really nice blog. It helps me get some insight to lif in Sudan.

I think it's great that you managed to let the girl keep going to university, people helping each other is what can make the world a better place.
Greetings from Norway

Hala said...

This is what makes us going on living here; there is always someone who can help, although it's getting more complicated and frustrating every day.
Allah bless Sudan!
Teacher Hala

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