04 January 2009

Teacher, mother, and friend

Sorry for disconnecting all this time but what to do, I'm writing only when I have writing mood which I wasn't in for the latest four months.
I was disappointed and annoyed as result of my weakness. I was feeling that the life will stop and the world will be destroyed.
I lost a friend, got illness in my heart and suffering in dealing with my family. One day, I lost the hope which made me think for 3 hours asking myself what is wrong in my life.
I sent an e-mail to my dear teacher (Hala), she gave me some advices that I followed most of them then I discovered that there is nothing can make the world stop (except God) and everything that was broken will be fixed.
I learned that the true friends are really rare, and whatever my family did they will still my family. The doctors gave me hope to medicate my heart sickness.
Now, I came back to my study and it's going well. This year I'll never allow for anyone to get higher marks than me, 'cause my study became the only important thing in my life right now, and other things will come and go.
At last, I'm very grateful for teacher Hala who showed me how to live and helped me to arrange my life.

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Hala said...

Thanks for your sweet words!
You will do more than great, believe me!
god luck from your teacher, mother and friend:-)