04 January 2009

Could you leave your children?

I think it's a big shame when we ask parents this question, but what we can call it when the answer became yes?! And when it comes from the each one of parents?!!
In the movies we saw that parents go to law to keep their children with them, but during the latest few months I saw and hear these words from three divorced couple, and married one.
Every one of parents doesn't want to keep his/her children with him/her. About the divorced couple one of them divorced after 21years of marrying, and some of their daughters are married!
All of this is stranger, but why it happened? Is it for the financial situation? No, this can't make the parents leave their children. All that I could understand that is the social situation became bad here.
After divorce, the couple starts a speech war without caring to their children. They extract secrets of each other to the people who tell these secrets to the children which make them take wrong ideas about their parents.
As the time go, the will hate their parents more and more and tell the people how they feel as 15 years girl that said to me: "We haven't a family and our parents didn't want us".
That child told me about her secrets while I'm not a member of her family because she wants someone to hear from her, gives him her secrets, and gets help from him.
These conditions make children without supervision which mean that they can do whatever they want to find their selves.
Finally, I hope that parents understand what I said and take care of their children and don't leave them 'cause of their troubles.

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