22 August 2008

Always faults?!

Hi everyone, Sorry for being lazy all this time, but what to do I was studying for exams and I was very ill.
I know that maybe I lost many things in my life but I believe that god will never forget me.
Today, I'm going to write about something I'm suffering from it every semester and every end of year. I'm going to write about the faults in different fields.
In the education field I faced faults five times just while my study in university. Every semester I prepare myself to write a request to faculty's head, because I will find myself unable to do one of my exams because they made a fault by putting my name with the students those not allowed to do the exams because of their absence.
This thing happened to me four times, and I feel that these faults are intended, if I face this fault one or two times maybe it will be wrong ,but four times it's not only faults.
In Sudan, everything is possible if you have authority, you can do whatever you want because nobody can ask you.
In health field, in the latest few days I read about many faults happened during the surgeries and many of patients was died. One time they forgot to extract the muslin from tummy of a woman.
The faults are ordinary thing in Sudan, So you should be attention to everything to get your rights.

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