28 August 2008

Disvaluing the time

In Sudan it's normal if you being late for more than hour, The government tried to solve this problem by adding one hour to the local time (Khartoum was +2 GMT and now they made it +3 GMT); but there is no different because Sudanese people don't respect their time.
These days, we are waiting for our college result. It should be on 21 Aug, but every day we go to university for the result and the heads and the dean of our college are giving us delusive dates. We are going daily since 21 Aug but until this moment (27 Aug 10:18 p.m.) there is no new news about result.
This thing happens in different fields even the medical field. I face the problem of losing time in dealing with the bank, When my family send money to me it arrive within 3 hours, but the employees never banking it in my account before 4 hours from arriving time!
In medical field you may not find the doctor in his position because he will come late, without caring about the patients.
If I want to write about disvaluing the time I will never stop; because it has no limit.

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Mandino said...

to me, this is a matter of poor time management. People there are either lax of there has been some problems in the current movement of society. I really think that education is a solution to this. I have been helping the people in Leer, Sudan to build a school. That school will have a complete set of facilities.