24 June 2008

What is right?

Here I am again; I'm going to write about general topic but covered with a personal action.
When you want to separate between your work and the social life you will find that is difficult – especially in Sudan- because it's not possible to work without make a social relations with your friends who work with you.
I tried to do that but I failed, because I took the wrong way. I separated my social life from my work (study) but after 14 months I found that I'm mixing between them, because I'm living in a mixed community and I couldn't be different.
The story began when I was trying to help one of my colleagues to pay her fee. I became so near from her and I know everything about her life, so I talked with her for 8 months before I found that I'm talking to her about my life. This is not bad thing but it made us a target of others speech. In our community it's wrong if you have a friend from other sex which means if you male all of your friends should be males.
May this thing is saving our life from many problems, but why we didn't accept the relation between man and woman while it's going on the right way? I'm not with those who want to have a free community but I want to have a friendship relation to allow to people to know each other more and more.
These relations should be seen by parents and controlled by religion and customs to be valid to build a complement community that will be able to deal with other communities and with its members.
As I said this is personal opinion and I want your opinions to decide if I'm going on the right way or not, so please vote to the poll that exist on the right of this page to help me to make a decision.

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Anonymous said...

usally relationships between oposite sex's go out of control,am having a friendship wit a person of da opposite sex in sudan,but som times i feel its goin deep,and som times i feel am puting an effort in da frienship,i feel its not a natural frienship,i dont know 4how long can i controll it