22 June 2008

Again in Sudan

Hi all,
Here I am again, I came back to Sudan on 9th of June and it became stranger to me.
When I went to Abha (a city in Saudi Arabia) I found interesting environment to live, work, and study; but here I discovered that we are in the worst environment in the Middle East.
My father left Sudan since 1979 so he doesn't know anything about living in Sudan so he think that Sudan became a good country, but the question is "Most of the Sudanese people want to migrate, why?"
I can answer this question, If you need more than 150$ to study in public school and more for medicine and ….. Which mean that you want more than 1000$ per person every year while your income between 4000 $to 4200$, will you continue in working in Sudan?
After all of this we are facing increment from 50 – 150% in prices, so can I ask where the government support is?
The answer is there is no government support here, the citizen afford all services costs without increment in salaries, so Sudan will never move forward until the government care about citizens and produce all services with its support.

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