25 May 2008

Finally I'm in holiday

Hi all sorry for disconnecting for long time. I was so busy last month so I wasn't able to write.
I arrived to KSA yesterday after eight hours of waiting. The weather wasn't good and the Flight was delayed for five hours.
Let's move over services of Saudi Arabia Airlines, after ten minutes of the delay all the service workers came to give the passengers a free meal and excuse them and the internal radio was notifying us every 15 min to tell us about the news of weather .
This thing made us happy and we feel that we are VIP. In Sudan the flights maybe delayed for a day or half, and nobody will tell you why or when the flight will take off, it's normal to see the passengers sleeping on the floor of the Khartoum airport waiting for their flight without eating anything or knowing when the flight will take off.
What happened yesterday was a great thing from the Saudi airlines. So I hope the Sudan airlines to do like them.
Thanks for the Saudi airlines and their customers care department.

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