21 April 2008

Time to bomb

Dear visitors, I'm so sorry for being lazy for this long time, but what to do? it's the life.
Since last month I stood with myself many times to find my way through the darkness life -in Sudan -
Maybe somebody will say that the life is not dark, but it's dark for me.
I couldn't find that way, which can get me out of disappointed life. I lost my study's skills, friends, family,and my mind. I became sad and annoyed from my university and lost the hope in life. All of this because someone has destroyed my life and made it like a hell.
This guy is alluring between friends to separate them from each other. I don't know his purpose, but he success to destroy 4 persons until now. He get speech from his mind and told it to the friends, what make them lost every thing.
I decided to do the same with him, but without saying lies.
I have a voice-call recording for him while he was saying dirty words to a girl, so I'll send this recording call to the person that he destroyed their lives to show them that he is lying.


Wangbu said...

Hello! You have a very good blog. I like to visit it.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Hala said...

No for doing the same *bad* deeds!
It is not right.If you wait, you will see that those bad deeds will turn back to him.You can talk to him, and tell him that you *could* have done this.
We learn from others, you still have much to learn.
Hang on there.You should study hard from now to keep up what you have gained last year.You only have 2 years.
Good luck!
Teacher Hala
to leave the country!!!

Anonymous said...

inshallah you're feeling better, and have chosen to do what is right.