06 March 2008

No for keeping silent

For the first time I'm sure that I'm going on the right road. I've never loved before 'casue I don't not believe in it, so I tried to know the meaning of love in Sudan, and I found that the love here is only a game played for a while then finish. I asked many youths about the love in their life. The surprise was in their answers which was: The love is a great thing but if he/she refused to do something for the others he/she can go and nobody will care about him/her!!!
Here is the question. Why we are playing with each other? Why we make every thing a game?
What will happen if we get the real meaning of love?
I think that the life will became better and we will have a good life with each other.
About myself I love everybody around me and deal with them as I want them to deal with me; but every time I discover that they exploit me more and more until I became unusable (As Black-Stone said), So I have to be the one who say no when he want, and say whatever he want; 'cause nobody should control my life and made me (or anybody) a teddy play with it as he like.
This what should happen to everyone who live in Sudan (or any place in the world), everybody live as he want, say what he want, and do whatever he want -but the right things- without caring about what people saying about him.
This maybe make a lot of people angry, but it is what should happen. Until when we will wait for the commands to move? or keep silent while our rights are lost?
We should go out and take our rights and say our opinion without scaring from anybody, or doing what they want; because we have minds to think and eyes to see and decide what is right and what is wrong.
So, I'll start doing this from this moment and the first thing which I'll start with is getting me rights which I lost in the last four years, and show the world that I'm free, nobody can control me....


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Hey brother, glad you took my advice and i hope it is going well for you. Keep me posted.