23 February 2008

Hungry people

Last month, the government has increased the VAT 3%. Which affect on the prices in Sudan.
The main food of the Sudanese col is the bread which increased 60% !! without any increment in salaries.
Now it's difficult to buy bread and difficult to have 3 meals per the day. The government doesn't supervise on the prices and doesn't care about cols needs. It just care about its members and its self. As result of this increment millions of people will suffer to have a meal per the day; because every thing here is sold for money and nobody has enough money to get his primary needs.
The medical services need money, Your squalors need money to clean, every thing ...
So I found my self asking the youths to migrate from Sudan again.
By the way, yesterday I read advertising about jobs requesting needs experience for 24 years in accounting, and the less experience needs 4 years. Could you believe?


blackstone said...

24 years in accounting? Wow, you never see adds like that over here. The most i prolly seen was asking for 5 or so years of experience

Anonymous said...

Can you give me some example of prices in Sudan (like a meal in a restaurant, bread, etc...)?
Thank you so much!

Muhanned said...

Hi anonmyous,
Thank you for commenting, but if you need a details please contact me by email.