08 November 2007

When your life controlled

Really, I'm sorry for writing this topic but I couldn't afford my sensitive.
I'm so sad 'cause I fell in this thing, but I wasn't able to control my self.
I made a mistake when I tried to be near from my dearest friends. I made many problems for them with their families, because I can't lie!!
I love to be known for all of my friends family, but they comparing between my living level and their, and there is more things.
At the latest days I was so near from losing a friend, not because I or he wants but because his uncle wants!
I know his dad and mum and they respecting me because they know who I am. His uncle became angry because he didn't know me and he said he should know every friend of his brother's son!
Why I don't know, but really this is bad thing. I met him and asked about the reason he said" No matter, I just want this".
Now I deiced to give my friend the choice to finish this problem. If he choose to separate from me I'll be normal (as possible as I can), If not I'll be very happy.
Now, I couldn't understand why our uncles and aunts control our lives while our parents alive and we do the right thing?!
And why we should listen to them while we listen to our parents?
I think this thing will make us controlled for the rest of our lives, but what to do this are the traditions and customs...

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