10 November 2007

I'm feeling alone!

This is the second time that I feel sad. The last semester the collage administrator transferred me to another group, but teacher Hala made a surprise
for me by transferring me to my first group. Today they transfer me to the third group, which I'm not interested in.
This time I want to do this thing by myself.
In this group I have problems with many students, so I couldn't study with them. I'm not in good mood these days, and after this transmission it became worst...
I don't know why they transferred my name to this group exactly, but this thing is so bad to me. Tomorrow I'll go to the administrator office, because I'll bomb if I don't back to my group.
In my first group I feel safe and I don't scare from any thing. The third group is not good, because many of repeat students are study in, and its trouble is more than other groups.
Today, I wasn't able to control myself. I became angry many times and I broke many glasses in my home.
My mood is so bad and tomorrow will be titled (Dead or live), I'll decide how to live with this bad community.
By the way, last time I got out of University with a policeman, because I felt in problem with two of the students that study in this group and the security-men was looking at me.
So I feel that I'm in danger in this group, and I'll never study with them even I leave the University.
I just want you to pray for me to solve this problem and make my future brightness...


Anonymous said...

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