08 November 2007

Football in Sudan

This time I'm going to write about the most famous sport in the world, but I'll write about its part here in Sudan.
The football is the loveliest sport for Sudanese. They start playing football
when they become two or three year old! There are many organized yards and matches in every location in Sudan.
But about the Sudanese teams we have 18 teams in the top level, maybe there is nobody knows the third of them
but all of us know the two great teams (Al-marikh and Al-hilal).
At this year we noticed that the Sudanese football teams are improved, because the Sudan national team will play In African Cup
after 32 year from the last cup!
Really, this thing became from the Sudanese team (Al-marikh and Al-hilal), Al-marikh is playing the final of Confederation cup of Africa and Al-hilal is playing for the third place
of Africa champions.
When the teams win all of Sudanese people celebrating until the morning, but at latest time
Al-marikh has lost 4-2 and the Hilal's people has celebrated by this lost!!!
Really, we want to see our national team in the world cup 'cause of this improvement...

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