05 November 2007

Showing the meaning of life

Here I am again, I'm really happy to start writing again.
This time I came back with much of hope, I recharge my soul by faith and happiness to get a good life.
Really, I'm so lucky 'cause I have many persons near me helping me to keep alive.
I stopped writing 'cause I lost the hope of life, but today I want to live more and more.
My dear teacher and mother Hala stands by me in every thing I ask for. And my dearest friend Muhanned - God blessed him- has give me hope to live.
At the third level there are two ladies helping me as possible as they can. One of them is Aisha,
she is my college, I respect her more than any one in the college 'cause of her ethics.
The second is Hind which I met her during my work in the web. She has awesome mind helping her to keep her friends happy.
I'm really so lucky by having this group of friends and mother. If I collect the world's treasure it will never equal 1% of these people.
So I will not thank them for being there for me, because I think that they and me are one person
nothing will separate us specially teacher Hala because I want her to be my mother in law ;)
Finally, I knew the meaning of life 'cause of this group and I'm asking God to hold them on for me.
This doesn't mean that there is nobody else in my life, but this is the most effective people in my life...
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