18 October 2007

My blog will be paused

Dear Visitors,
I'm so sorry for writing this news, but it is better to me.
I'll stop writing for 30 days starting from today, because I have many things to do in my life.
Really, I have many problems to solve. I just want to change my life to better.
My dear friends (Teacher Hala, Muhanned, Hind, Aisha, Yohana, Haneen ...etc),
I'm sorry for this thing, but I should do that to have a good life and become relaxed.
Sorry for all visitors...


Hala said...

Dear Muhanned,
Sometimes we don't feel like writing, even if we don't have any problems!
good luck with your life and we will be waiting for you to post again.
See you soon!

Tim said...

Hi Muhanned
I am a geography teacher in the United States and was doing research on Sudan when I came across your blog.
I would love to hear more of your story. Life seems to be awfully discouraging for you. Although you were number 1 in your class!
Post again soon

Anonymous said...

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