08 October 2007

I want to be killed

Hi all,

Sorry for being lazy for long time, but what to do I’m so tired.

These days I’m facing more than one problem in my life. My study has been done perfectly, but my life is not going good. I troubled my dearest friends and my family is going to destroyed, every thing is bad with me.
The most that discomforted me is the interference of others in my life. I contented that I should do the best to keep my self alive in this country which resemble the hell, but the people here will never stop trying to destroy others life for their own purpose.

Everybody want to have a good life by destroying others life. I’m living with my sister her in Sudan ‘because my family is living in Saudi Arabia. My sister, my uncles, my aunts and every body is trying to change my life – most of them to worst -.

Here you cannot live as you want –even it was good or bad – every thing will be overseen.

Now I’m going to be bombed because of all these stresses, so I want to ask you one of these things:

* Advice me


* Kill me …

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