08 September 2007

Exploitation with the name of love

This is another topic about love. These days I haven’t any work and I just sitting with the youth of my location and heard their stories, I don’t know if I can make a difference in their life or not but I’m trying. I looked for a topic from their stories and I found this topic is the most important one.

Here in Sudan – I don’t if this is happening with others – the youth look for the other sex in streets, Universities, schools, and parties. They just tried to exploit them to get their dirty targets; I asked them how do you do that? They said “by cheating them with the name of the love”!

Now the love became a game, everybody has his target to love for. Really I don’t believe in love and I haven’t loved any lady before. So I couldn’t know how the feel of love and how they used it as avenue to cheat.

We – Me, Muhanned, and Aisha - have the same opinion in this case we believe that the love cannot be like friendship relation. The friendship relation is stronger than it.

So we hold on each other for all this time

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Anonymous said...

Dear Muhanned; first of all am so proud of you to build a blog tells us about our lovely Sudan,realy it's such a good an idea.so on your topic is beautilful and your words made me beleive.keep in good works always... yours : HIND (HaNoOoOoOoD)t.c