08 September 2007

The best thing in Sudan

First time I feel that there is something good in Sudan. Yesterday while I was staying in front of our shop, I saw my old neighbor Hassan came to me. He told me that he has rent the house next to mine.

All of youth in my location stood up and within 30 min his furniture was in truck, but when we arrived home the house owner refuse to give us the keys of house he said “This house had rent to another person”!

At that moment all of our neighbor (men – women – and kids) was attend, they became angry and tell the house-owner that they will never let him live with them; because the old neighbor lived in this location for 30 years.

Finally he accept but he asked he to pay rental of the next 3 months cash and now, within 10 min the rental was collected and all the neighbors refused to take the money from the old neighbor!!

This was first time I see a serious collective work and I hope to see it more and more…

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jzeballo said...

Estimado Muhanned,

Buena anécdota universitaria. Saludos desde Chile, Jorge