24 August 2007

Real love

I was scared about writing in the romantic side in our country, but yesterday while I was at Abood Park with my location guys, I discovered that most of the romantic relations are big lies.

While we were staying in the center of the park, there were three ladies crossed by us. All of them stood and said “WOW”, I said “what is going on?” they didn’t answer me and just run behind them. I turned around my self, and then I discover that I was alone.

Ten minutes later they came back with phone numbers and they said “now we can make they love us”!! Can I ask how you can cheat somebody and get relaxed?

I sat alone and think about what they had done, I find every thing is wrong (my friends- the ladies – and the families of them). How can we find the real love through these lies, and how can we trust on the other sex to give him/her our love?

I saw many people do that, but I couldn’t understand why they do that, and what is their target?

Now I realized that they just want to spend their time and play by feels of others.

They don’t care about what will happen after the game finish, and what will happen to the other person who –maybe- really love him/her. Actually they haven’t hearts to love with; they just kill their feels and destroy others…

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