16 September 2007

Abuse of authority

I’m here again with this sensitive topic, I paused for long time ‘because I didn’t find real topic to write, but now this is real story happened in Sudan:

One day while I was talking with a friend she told me that there is somebody discomforting her by phone. I asked her about the number and start searching for owner.

The owner was a policeman – as he said- and he sent me impendence, asking me to be away from his way to keep myself safe!!!

I asked another police-man, he told me that there is many dirty ways to put you in arresting.

But if I have a colonel (or higher) in the police, he can solve the problem and convert me to be pretender and I can arrest him by many accusations!!

This was a surprise because if all this speech is right, this is mean that we are in forest (the strong eat the weak)! And it means that there is no law control this country.

I know that this topic will make bugging to many persons, but there truth should be clear.

This explains a simple case of abusing authority and there is more cases happened here. The policeman can do every thing he likes without any speering and the col is the damaged.

This not means that all the policemen are bad, but the most are.

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Yohi said...

Hi Muhanned!
This me again from Argentina, sorry for taking so much time to comment on your blog. This topic really caught my attention.
Here in my country we have been living abuses of authority in all social aspects (we have lived several periods of tiranic goverments and state terrorism); and personally, it is not a matter of good or bad, it is a matter of respect. Unless societies like yours or mine take into account teh respect for each other we will keep on suffering these abuses.
Thanks for making me think!