22 August 2007

The big success

Today, I’m very glad ‘because I got my result from my college, now I can’t describe my feel.

I got the FIRST place of 350 students in the college! When teacher Hala told me that I should get the first place I laughed because I was in bad mood, my social relations wasn’t good, and my study was lost, but when she saidyou can get the first place”, I felt that she is right.
I did every thing I could and study hard.
Now the dream came true, I got 3.80 out of 4 and I got (A) in the English language which mean that all of you helped me to get this success, so I want to thank all of you for your helps and special thanks to the great teacher who taught me how to live, study, and make the success. She changed my world and made differences in my life; I feel that if I collect world’s treasure they will never give me which she gave me. So thanks for being my inspiration, mother, and everything…


Yohi said...

Teachers are always and inspiration.... I have mine too!!!
I am really glad to hear that very good news from you!
Hope you are happy.

Amjad said...

a GPA of 3.80 out of 4.0? WoooW.. That's really great! Congratulations bro!

Hala said...

Dear Muhnned,
Deep and warm heartful congratulations from a teacher, a mother and a friend.You deserve it!
It is YOU who have made the dream come true, you and only you, by defeating challenges, making choices, by hanging on and facing all the difficulties you had in a completely new world.
You deserve all the best, and much more.
Now, as they say, it is not hard to get to the top, but it is difficult to stay there.
I wish you success in your career and life.I hope one day, just one day, we will see many sunny, bright lights that shine in Sudan.
hopefully soon.
Teacher Hala
A proud teacher and a loving mother.

Teresa said...

Dear Muhanned,
Heartfelt congratulations and kudos to you!!! What an achievement!! I'm very happy for you and very proud of you!!!! :-)
Your teacher and my dear friend, Hala, was absolutely right when she said you could do it. And she is absolutely right again whe she says above, "it is YOU who have made the dream come true". Where there's a will, there's a way!
Over the summer I read a very interesting book about a black American who became a multimillionaire, because he never forgot what his mother once said to him: "One day, if "you" want to, you can make a million dollars". Well, he say in the intro to the book that his mother "planted in him the belief that he 'could' attain whatever goals he set for himself".
Your teacher, Hala, did the same for you. She set your goals for you when she told you that you could do it. She believed in you and in your potential!
The book I'm referring to is _The Pursuit of Happyness_ (yes, it's with a "y") by Chris Gardner. There's also a film, but the book is much, much better. I hope you can read it. If not, let me know.
Your very proud Portuguese friend,
Teresa Almeida d'Eca

Hala said...

congrats dear Muhanned!! way to go man,you deserved it,you worked hard and you succeed..i hope to you all the best in your coming future..and you know what,you are right my mum is great,and she loves you all guys..
your friend 4ever...