18 July 2007

The death is free

This topic is related with the topic that I wrote "The lost medical service". I'll just translate it to English language:

"There is no thing stranger in this title if you hear this story which not shows the humanity in our world or in animal's world. The veterinaries care about animals and any creature with humanity.

On Wednesday 9th of May "Egbal Ibraheim Ali" called from "Um Bada (A place in Khartoum)" (the program of Sudan This morning). She was crying and she said" My sister was in bad health and it was 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning. I moved her hardly in this time to emergency hospital of "Umdorman". They put her in accidents section then the contrapuntal doctor moved her to surgery section in the 3rd floor. The sickness became hard for her and her mouth filled by expectorating. A nurse came and told me that she needs oxygen but there is no oxygen in the hospital ".

"Egbal" continued and cried "I said what I should do? I returned to accidents section and I found the contrapuntal doctor of esoteric who came up and commanded to move her to esoteric section. I went to accidents section and asked movement form from section to another but they refused and said "This was shall happen from beginning ".

"Egbal" ran quickly to bring bandoleer but the responsible of the bandoleers said "We come up the patients but we don't come down them" and the time was going. She climbed the stairs to her sick sister, she was shout "Ya abo morowa (a sentence used for asking SOS).

The patients of 3rd floor carried her by their hands instead of the bandoleer and came down the stairs of the three floors to the esoteric section. She knocked all the doors at the hospital even the doctor who moved her to esoteric section she didn't find him. The time was going and it looked that "Egbal" was alone. At 10 o'clock she blow up in crying and said “My sister died “…

Now you can judge if I said the truth or no. To confirm this story I attached a copy of the topic HERE but it's in Arabic.

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