29 July 2007


with Every day passes I discover that my life is going to abysm, no one helps me to change the life and every word I said or wrote was instant problem.

I wrote a topic -if you noticed – titled (Admitting guilt) but after two hours somebody called me and asked me to change this topic ‘cause it affronted him!

Can any body tell me what I should do in this case?

I thought for two days and I decided to ask the person who I wrote for, she told me that she didn’t want me to barging myself in a problem ‘cause of her. So I deleted that topic to keep myself in safe side.

Two days later I said a sentence to my friends (The real friends are few these days). Now they are angry, they said “Muhanned is calumnious and non-social”!!

Who can believe that the right word will be the wrong if your community didn’t accept it?!

Now I’m trying to make a difference in my world as I learned from my great teacher but I need a help to do that quickly, if I didn’t, everything will changed to hell.

I have a big problem and I couldn’t solve it, my problem is I can’t control myself when I been angry. I see that this is the only one thing that couldn’t solve lonely.

Do you think that this problem will be solved?

I think yes, but how can I do this in this dirty country that didn’t respect citizens’ opinions?

This word is a big problem (how), if I find the answer from you I’ll solve my problem and change my home-country to better, but who can answer me?!

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KadidiaTerri said...

For some people...
writing is therapeutic
it's "having a serious talk with myself"

It can be just that, when we write in our journals

But when we blog, we can go so far as to put our hearts on the table, with all the world world world having a chance to poke at it

At the same time
someone out there
in that world world world
might reach out to us
might embrace us

It's a chance we take
In this effort to learn about ourselves