24 June 2007

I'm losing a friend

Sorry for being lazy all this time; I was so busy with my family so I stopped writing temporary.

Now I came back home and to the bad life too. After I came back First thing I found that my friends were split up and the big surprise was one of my dearest friends who asked me to keep away from him!!

I don't know why; but the only one thing which I'm sure I couldn't do it is "leaving one of dearest friends 'cause I'll lose every hope in life if I did...

This friend told me that he/she can't be near from me 'cause there some one doesn’t want this!!

Did you see some thing like this? Every body can control your life as he like, and you can't say no!

I don't know what should I do but I'll wait for your solutions to hold on a dear friend...

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