31 May 2007

When lost humanityً

Now I'm writing again about Sudan the trick Country where I live in.

Always I see written topics about Sudan but I'm sure that 90% of them are hoax 'cause here in Sudan no one will give you the truth all of them tell you lay to make their country good.

Why we didn't admit the truth to make our country better?

Maybe my community refused this way to correct wrongs 'cause they don't want to show the citizen what is going around him and they didn't want to make Citizen's lives good.

Every body works for his own and just for his.

Today I'm going to my Home birth where I found the truth and the humanity that I couldn't find in my blighted original.

This is my view about Sudan where you lost humanity and justice.

So I'm going out without saying bye to Sudan 'cause it didn't deserve this greeting...

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Yohi said...

Hi Muhanned
This is Yohana from Argentina again, sorry for being so lazy and not comming here more regularly.
I really consider that not telling the truth about the country is something that happens to us too. If we start thinking about that and try to make the change, we will do it.
I hope you have time to pass by my blog www.yohi-myeticaamador.blogspot.com
it's of thoughts about life!!!!!