07 April 2007

The real way to live

No one believes that the life will be in its current way.

If you want to live you should be away from faithfulness, the honor, and the secretariat.

Your life will not continue safely if you refuse these rules, For example at University (which was a surprise) one of our teachers sells the success in his subject for some money and he was thinking that nobody will discover him.

Seriously, I refuse this way in living 'cause it misjudge some of people and give the others non-worthy things.

This thing is not only in education but also in every deal.

So if you want to get a job you need to pay bribe for someone to provide you a good job!!!

Else you will be urgency to work in marginal work like selling water, carrying the bags and something like this...

Can I ask from where can I get money for bribe while I haven't a job?

Why I should waiting for long time to get a good job?

The first thing that came to my mind "I should migrate from Sudan "…

Did you understand why the Sudanese prefer the entire world to Sudan?

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