28 March 2007

The difficult request of experience

For the first time you will find the title of this topic is stranger but it is the truth.

Here (in Sudan) when you look for a job you will suffer from the required specifications , At least 4 years of experience are required that means you should go outside Sudan, get experience and return to work!!

I'm sure that if anybody of the Sudanese people has a chance to live outside Sudan he will never back and live in it.

Why I should return to Sudan?

To find bad living conditions?!

To live subjugated?!

I'm living in Sudan since 2003 where I came from (KSA). Now I can't afford to live in it 'cause I found that living conditions is so bad...


Hala Fawzi said...

Hang on there, Muhanned! Always try to look at the brighter sides of the image.Maybe it is Allah's wish to come and see for yourself and have your own "judgment" on how people live in their own country. I hope a better future for Sudan.Running is no use, unless you decide not come back again, which is , for me, the hardest thing to live as a refugee for the rest of yourlife.
Patience and hard work and al tawaku are some of the keys I recommend you to have , so as be able to live for the coming three years.
Keep shinning!
We need more brighter photos on this black background!!!! -))
Teacher Hala

Hala Fawzi said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear muhanned
I realy like your blog.Spetialy it is the firest blog in our group.I think your topic is so good.And i think your blog will impres the others.

Elia said...

Great blog. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I wish you more success on your blog!