07 April 2007

Darkness of the future

When you feel that you are frustrated and sad 'cause you can't live with your community you will try to find your way in life.

At Sudan after you arrive to sapience age you will feel that you will never have a future and your life will never continue.

The youths are thinking to find way to escape from the situated they go to the crime road and empty their energies in bad things like stealing, cheating, or killing others to get money.

So crime is spreading out in Sudan.

I read about more than ten countries, how they saving the future of their youths and how they provide them with the way of life

But here you should search for your way and going on it while you do that you'll be overseen.

So you'll decide to migrate outside Sudan to have comfortable life and make your future bright.

Maybe there is someone sees that the Sudan is beautiful and interesting; but when he lives there he'll find that all of Sudan is a big lie and the big media that shown is wrong.

Maybe I'm writing about the darkness side of live in Sudan but I do that 'cause this side is the preponderant on the brightness side.


Hala Fawzi said...

Dear Muhanned,
There many countries like Sudan, but they have strong media that reflects their country to be like heaven! You will find situations like ours around you wherever you go.The most important thing is YOU. Your parents have raised well and made you differentiate between what is good and what is bad. It is YOU who will make a difference to both your life and other's lives, if you believe you can.For example, do you feel that your teacher Hala has made a difference to what you see around among other teachers? This means much to me.If I can help to educate ONE students, not teach him, to be ready to face life, this is enough for me.Hang on to your ethics and maybe, just maybe, others will follow your way.
You can will a difference, believe me.

Lysandra said...

This is great info to know.