07 January 2008

Pay or die

Sorry for being lazy all this time, but what to do it is the university.

Most of you know that I got the 1st place in my class, and I will not pay this year.

But, I'm living with the middle level students, where I look and feel what is going on others life.

On Saturday 29th of December I was in the fees center in our university. I went with dear friend to try to pay part of his fee.

While I was waiting for my turn, there were two students in front of me having the same case of my friend. Every one of them was have 58% from his fee. The accountant who called Khalid solved their problem. But when we asked him to do the same solution for us (we was have 81% of the fee) he refused and said "I'll never do that, pay 100& or don't study here!!!"

Now I think that there is a secret here, why he did that?

After me he refused more than 3 students requests and their families were sad.

I returned to him and tried again, but he told me that he does what he likes and if I talked to him again here will ask security men to knock me out!

I got the money for my friend to keep him in university. But what we can do about this life, if you want to study you should pay, if you want to get medical services you should pay, if you want to live in your house you should pay, if you want to do any thing you should pay!

If you haven't money just die and no one will care about you…

What we can do but this is Sudan, where you should pay or die…