07 January 2008

Never be weak

Finally I discovered what was making me disappointed. It was me!

I was caring about other's opinions and looked for their view about me, but I discover that it was wrong to live under their supervision.

Now I broke this rule and decide to live my life as I want not as others want, because it's mine.

If I care about their speech I'll never go on in my life.

In Sudan every body want to control and order you to do what he want, so if you do they will leave you safe, but if you don't you will live a hard life until you do.

This time I decide to challenge myself and the community to live better life in bad conditions. I'm asking myself why I was weak as Sudanese citizen – not all – and give up to others.

What will happen if anybody live as he want – with religious customs - ?

It will be better if we do, Right?

1 comment:

Hala said...

I am glad you figured it out by yourself.sooo
You still have a life of surprises!!
I wish I had a blog to write on when I was your age.How will you read these posts after 10 years from now? Definitely, from a completely different perspective.
Keep on blogging, Muhanned
See you on Monday.
Teacher Hala