10 December 2007

Suffring in order to obtain medical report

Again, I'm going to write about medical field in Sudan, because the Sudanese citizens suffer from this field more and more...

Yesterday, I felt tired and I decide to go to hospital. I chose a private hospital because they look after their patients opposite the public hospital.

The doctor told me that I have malaria and typhoid and I should sleep for three days. He gave me a medical report, but the clinic of our university doesn't accept medical reports from private hospitals.

I went to the public hospital to get medical report, but they told me that I should come at the next day because the doctor is not here! I went home and came back today, but they asked me to wait for an hour to meet the doctor, I waited him for 83 min and at last I met him. He asked me to get paper because there are no papers in the hospital!! I got the paper and came back, but the doctor was left!! I asked "where is the doctor?" they said "He went to take his breakfast with his father"!!

Finally, I found the doctor but he told me that his secretary is not here and the seal is with her...

I lost hope and went to another public hospital, but the same problem was waiting me there - the doctor isn't there- .

I waited for 46 min to meet him, then he asked me to pay 15 SDP (7.32$) to get the medical report!

I paid it and got the paper, but the doctor was not in his place again! I went to the secretary and sealed the paper without signature and went home!!!

After this sad story, I arrived to important point which is "The ministry of health doesn't supervise on the work of its hospitals"

And this is dangrous thing.

Does this happen in your countries?


WWG said...

Hi, :) Good blog
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blackstone said...

Wow, that's amazing. Such a shame how people do not take their jobs seriously!