14 May 2007

When losing the trust

Here I’m again, this time I will write as my habit in real story that happened and will happen in Sudan.

One day one of my friends (say N) came and asks me for help. She had a problem with her boyfriend she told me that I’m the main reason of this problem ‘cause the SIM which used in the problem was mine (it’s for unknown person) I went to the phone company and ask them to show me the name of its owner but they said “This SIM is unknown” I show them the papers which showed that the SIM is not mine and they convinced by this situation.

When the college advised the table of mid-term exam another one of my friends (say Y) re-start the problem again (I don’t know why he did that at this time exactly) he ask me “Do you know who is sending the messages to N and her boyfriend?” I said “ this is not important for me because I don’t care about the problem” At the next day they told my dearest friend that I’m a bad boy and I’m playing with her and the situation became so dangerous .

This problem let me lose the trust on everyone near me and believe the say which said “Be careful from your enemy once and from your friend a thousand”

From today I decide to separate from my friend (except Muhanned and Aisha because they are my whole life and they are trustful) and be away from the Sudanese community because it’s not suitable for me.

So you can see the bad life in Sudan if you honorable and faithful and this is not the suitable life for me and my brothers to live in.

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