09 May 2007

The lost medical services

This is the first time that I see a big country without healthy organizing. When you go to hospitals you'll discover that doctor is not in his place, maybe he tell you that he went to take breakfast or to bring some papers from another section.

Here you will start searching for him around the hospital, if you found him maybe he will ask you to wait minutes until he finish his purpose (No problem if you died).

After all of this he asks you to examine your blood many examinations the labs are not cleaned, rooms are very dirty, and the services are not good.

The medical devices are so pullulant; but we still need to the experience human who can care about patients and be punctually.

So when you lost the medical and the educational services you will never go on your evolution way.

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Anonymous said...

Hang on there ,man!
We all hope one day we will wake up and find our country turned to be a paradise!!!
Teacher Hala ( not logged in):-))