30 December 2019

Thanks to my English Teacher "at" 2008

It has been long time since I wrote something here!

Today I was writing a letter in English and I did the same mistake that I was doing 11 years ago. I had  a difficulties in identifying the correct preposition for each sentence since I was 13 years old. 
In 2006 I joined University of Sciences and Technology in Sudan and It was the first time I met Mrs. Hala Fawzi "Our English Teacher" who taught me how to enjoy learning English. On Saturday 12th May 2007 she punished me because I wrote a lot of incorrect prepositions in my "Wiki" page and I've never forget that. Each time I write a letter or an email I think twice before using any "preposition" hahaha. 

Today I would like to thank Mrs. Hala for her great efforts she did to teach us how to learn English and how to develop our English language to be able to contact different peoples around the world. I really appreciate what she did with us because I'm still remembering every single word she taught us and I can write this post because of her. 

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