30 December 2019

Thanks to my English Teacher "at" 2008

It has been long time since I wrote something here!

Today I was writing a letter in English and I did the same mistake that I was doing 11 years ago. I had  a difficulties in identifying the correct preposition for each sentence since I was 13 years old. 
In 2006 I joined University of Sciences and Technology in Sudan and It was the first time I met Mrs. Hala Fawzi "Our English Teacher" who taught me how to enjoy learning English. On Saturday 12th May 2007 she punished me because I wrote a lot of incorrect prepositions in my "Wiki" page and I've never forget that. Each time I write a letter or an email I think twice before using any "preposition" hahaha. 

Today I would like to thank Mrs. Hala for her great efforts she did to teach us how to learn English and how to develop our English language to be able to contact different peoples around the world. I really appreciate what she did with us because I'm still remembering every single word she taught us and I can write this post because of her. 

29 August 2017

I'm Back !

It was long time since I wrote in my Blog, Since I became married I gave all my attention to my job and family but now I'll deduct some time to write post a week.

Since I left Sudan in 2011 to work in another Arabic country, I was little bit away from life circumstances there but my last vacation was disappointed.
When I arrived to Khartoum international airport I found most of people slim, unhealthy, and tired while I was expecting opposite. I asked some relatives about life style and income and I shocked when I knew that there is no life style there. All family members (Including children sometimes) should work in more than one job to increase family's income for the purpose of offering food, Education, and medical services to family members !!

The Sudanese citizen cannot Depends on one job in order to feed and take care of his family due to the economical situation. Everything was very expensive as government doesn't have enough Foreign exchange reserve to keep the Sudanese pound in acceptable range! When I left in 2011 the 1 US Dollar was equal to 2.3 Sudanese Pound and now (After 6 Years) 1 US dollar is equal to 22.5 Sudanese pound which made life impossible for the citizens, Add to that the increased refugees from Yemen and Syria which came with huge amounts of money and bought houses in Khartoum which increased the prices of houses and blank spaces. 

Due to circumstances above, Most of Sudanese citizens migrate to different countries to provide their families with their minimum life requirements. 

According to Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad around 12,000 Sudanese employee left in 3 days !! Also they announced that they are issuing average of 5000 exit visa per Day!!

All that circumstances made Sudanese people below Poverty threshold.


13 October 2012

Dividing a Country!!

Here I'm again, Sorry for being lazy all this time.

9-Jul-2011 was black day in Sudan history when we lost a half of our country according to agreement between two political Parties.
Maybe somebodies will say Sudanese people chose separation, but the truth is no one of Sudanese people wants separation. All what happen that National Congress Party forced northern people to vote for the current president " Omar Albasheer" and "Popular Movement for the Liberation of Sudan" forced southern people to vote for separation.

So this what our political parties want, and we have no choice. Now After more than one year of separation every country are suffering from a severe financial crisis. 

What we got from Separation?? 

15 December 2010

Bad Police men

Before any body attacked me or say any word I want to explain something about "Islam" in our religion there are roles should be admitted if some body make wrong...
In the video above there is abuse of punishment which conflicted with Islamic roles...
The police media said that the girl that appear in video is lesbian ! , if she was in Islam she should punished by 40 hits using used whip and medium force ( not strong to kill and not weak ).
and the executioner should not raise his hand until his underarm can be shown . But in this video the police men exceeds the limits of Islam..
Maybe I don't know what really she did but I just want to tell you about what the police men did with me ..
One day I was walking between the Nile street and the Friendship Hall - main building of conferences- while I was walking a police car stopped near me and the policemen start hitting the people to make them go away from their places.. I just asked the lieutenant "What is going on?" but he ordered his soldiers to put me inside police car .. The soldier hit me by a stave and put me inside car..
When we went to police station - Almogran police station "alnezam alaam" - lieutenant pushed me into investigations room and start writing the accusations which is :
1- Intercepting the policemen while they was doing their job!!!!
2-Cursing and slanging using dirty words.!!!!
3- Hooliganism and incitement of the masses...
Reduce the prestige of the policemen...
Resisting arrest!!!
All of these because I said "What is going on!!!" , after that they searching on my mobile phone for sex videos and do the same with my laptop !!!
There was another
lieutenant started shouting on me face and ordered me to sit on the ground when I refused he said "You are no respected man and your curiosity got you to police station...
Then I asked them to make a phone call to my family - Just to tell them where I am - but they refuse then I asked them to call my lawyer but they also refuse . Finally the major told them to let me go after 2 hours in station ...
So until when we will still keeping silent while there is abuse of authority????

07 October 2010

Nothing goes straightforward

Hi everybody,
Sorry for disconnecting for this long time, but I was busy with my graduation project then National Service.
I'm here today to write again about negative thing that became a sign in Sudan, I didn't write about anything before I try it so this is real story.
I graduated 2 months ago and I got GPA 3.75 out of 4.00 which means I got Excellent dgree. I was looking for a company or ministry to start my national service with; but I got a call from head of department of Computer Sciences in my college , he told my that there is a government compay looks for graduated students to do thier National service.
I went to that company in July and they did an interview with me, after 2 weeks they called me and ask me to bring a copies from my papers because they accept me; but there was another interview that I passed it too.
They told us that we can start work from next week; but a problem happend!!
Our direct manager told us that our procedures stopped by the General manager...
The real reason is that we haven't intermediary person to submit us.
There was three graduated students get into interview after us and submitted before us becuase one of them is a son of Adviser of the President and the others are thier freind.
So nothing in Sudan go straightforward if you haven't a person inside government. So most of the employees of government company are not qualified to work, they just have some relatives inside government support them.

30 June 2010

Government against its people...

This statment mentioned by an old man when he was waiting to ride a bus for more than two hours. The story began when the police men changed a direction of one of the most important streets without putting any sign to tell the buses drivers. When the drivers toke the road the policemen stop them and take thier license until they pay 15$ ; if they ask why it became 30$ without reason. In my openion this is the first step to prevent any bus except the new government buses from working. to make the new buses of state the main transportaion way. This prevension starts with first operating of new buses. So the old man was right when he said that. and I can say that the government cheated the people after they won in last elections.At the period of elections the electricity and water were availabe whole the day. and food became cheap, but after their winning the disaster began, every thing changed to worest ; the prices going up, the water and electricity became unsatteled , and taxes raised. No body can say why, if he said he will go to preson without answer , so it's time to leave home to other countries to get the freedom and feel like human.....

27 April 2010

Sorry for disconnecting

Hi all,
Sorry for being busy, but what to do I'm in final year of college and I have difficult graduation's project.
I'll be back two monthes later.
Hope you come back again.

23 November 2009

It’s just a game

Hi all,
Sorry for not writing for long time but what to the life became hard.
Last Thursday Sudan hosted a football game between Egypt and Algeria, that game was very sensitive because the winner will go to World Cup in South Africa.
So the fans of each team came to Khartoum two days before match (11450 Algerians and 9317 Egyptians). The Sudanese government distributed more than 18000 police men to secure the fans.
The game was end 1-0 for Algerian but the fans fights each other. The police secured the fans to prevent them from each other. But suddenly the Egyptians fans went out of the specific path and the Algerians threw them with stones.
Next day, some of the Egyptians media indicted the Sudanese government and fans. They said “The Sudanese was support Algeria and the wasn’t able to secure Egyptians “ This speech and more noised Jamal Alwaly the president of Al-Marrikh club, So he called Ebrahim Hejazi (On Nile sport channel) and asked them to show evidences that show what Sudanese do.
I was outside home after the match and I saw what happened. The Egyptians fans published a video shows the Algerians with knifes, but I saw that video last year and it was in France not in Sudan.
So, many Sudanese journalists asked the Egyptian government to apologize to Sudanese people for what happen.
Finally, I want to say it was a game and nothing deserved to destroy relations between countries, so slow down and think deeply before indicting.

01 September 2009

3 days after rains

Hi all,
I took this images today as a sample of what happen in Khartoum(Capital of Sudan).See what happen and give me your opinioin.

27 August 2009

Five hours of rain

Yesterday, In the capital of Sudan (Khartoum) the rains was pouring for five hours.
These rains make the main roads like lakes and the people was not able to reach thier workplace and the students too.
These rains killed about 15 and hurt more than 10, destroyed houses,and stopped the traffic
The government was not able to draw water from roads and the images below shown what happened: