29 August 2017

I'm Back !

It was long time since I wrote in my Blog, Since I became married I gave all my attention to my job and family but now I'll deduct some time to write post a week.

Since I left Sudan in 2011 to work in another Arabic country, I was little bit away from life circumstances there but my last vacation was disappointed.
When I arrived to Khartoum international airport I found most of people slim, unhealthy, and tired while I was expecting opposite. I asked some relatives about life style and income and I shocked when I knew that there is no life style there. All family members (Including children sometimes) should work in more than one job to increase family's income for the purpose of offering food, Education, and medical services to family members !!

The Sudanese citizen cannot Depends on one job in order to feed and take care of his family due to the economical situation. Everything was very expensive as government doesn't have enough Foreign exchange reserve to keep the Sudanese pound in acceptable range! When I left in 2011 the 1 US Dollar was equal to 2.3 Sudanese Pound and now (After 6 Years) 1 US dollar is equal to 22.5 Sudanese pound which made life impossible for the citizens, Add to that the increased refugees from Yemen and Syria which came with huge amounts of money and bought houses in Khartoum which increased the prices of houses and blank spaces. 

Due to circumstances above, Most of Sudanese citizens migrate to different countries to provide their families with their minimum life requirements. 

According to Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad around 12,000 Sudanese employee left in 3 days !! Also they announced that they are issuing average of 5000 exit visa per Day!!

All that circumstances made Sudanese people below Poverty threshold.



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