07 October 2010

Nothing goes straightforward

Hi everybody,
Sorry for disconnecting for this long time, but I was busy with my graduation project then National Service.
I'm here today to write again about negative thing that became a sign in Sudan, I didn't write about anything before I try it so this is real story.
I graduated 2 months ago and I got GPA 3.75 out of 4.00 which means I got Excellent dgree. I was looking for a company or ministry to start my national service with; but I got a call from head of department of Computer Sciences in my college , he told my that there is a government compay looks for graduated students to do thier National service.
I went to that company in July and they did an interview with me, after 2 weeks they called me and ask me to bring a copies from my papers because they accept me; but there was another interview that I passed it too.
They told us that we can start work from next week; but a problem happend!!
Our direct manager told us that our procedures stopped by the General manager...
The real reason is that we haven't intermediary person to submit us.
There was three graduated students get into interview after us and submitted before us becuase one of them is a son of Adviser of the President and the others are thier freind.
So nothing in Sudan go straightforward if you haven't a person inside government. So most of the employees of government company are not qualified to work, they just have some relatives inside government support them.


Fatima said...

greetings from the US!

I know exactly what you are talking about! Employment in Sudan is ridiculous. You work hard in college and graduate school...and it doesn't really matter. Thats the problem with everything in Sudan. You are right, government employers don't care about your outstanding educational qualifications. And sadly, it doesn't matter how smart or talented...or even if you graduated the FIRST in your class. The political "elites" will always win. Their backwards systems are ruining our home for us.

And the last thing you said about employees that are not qualified is completely on point. I mean why else are basic engineering sewage systems and road systems designed so poorly?

And from your last post about the buses: it doesn't really require an experienced economist to see that this new transportation system is going to cause the economy to crash. Only basic common sense. But they have empty heads.

I really appreciate your post! I came across your blog today from someone else's blog.

Good luck with everything! I know it is hard to not be discouraged but insha'allah you will be able to find something.

again, very nice blog :)

-your sudanese sister

Lila said...

Glad for the update on conditions there. Sorry to hear about the government problems.

Anonymous said...

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