23 November 2009

It’s just a game

Hi all,
Sorry for not writing for long time but what to the life became hard.
Last Thursday Sudan hosted a football game between Egypt and Algeria, that game was very sensitive because the winner will go to World Cup in South Africa.
So the fans of each team came to Khartoum two days before match (11450 Algerians and 9317 Egyptians). The Sudanese government distributed more than 18000 police men to secure the fans.
The game was end 1-0 for Algerian but the fans fights each other. The police secured the fans to prevent them from each other. But suddenly the Egyptians fans went out of the specific path and the Algerians threw them with stones.
Next day, some of the Egyptians media indicted the Sudanese government and fans. They said “The Sudanese was support Algeria and the wasn’t able to secure Egyptians “ This speech and more noised Jamal Alwaly the president of Al-Marrikh club, So he called Ebrahim Hejazi (On Nile sport channel) and asked them to show evidences that show what Sudanese do.
I was outside home after the match and I saw what happened. The Egyptians fans published a video shows the Algerians with knifes, but I saw that video last year and it was in France not in Sudan.
So, many Sudanese journalists asked the Egyptian government to apologize to Sudanese people for what happen.
Finally, I want to say it was a game and nothing deserved to destroy relations between countries, so slow down and think deeply before indicting.


Justin Tullo said...

Salam Alaikum,

Wow that must have been a crazy event. Terrible stuff over a silly game. I visited Sudan last January for the first time and loved it.

I wrote a blog about it: http://sudan2009.blogspot.com/


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