25 March 2007

Working with liars & faithfullness

In everywhere I lived I found respect from all the people in my primary, intermediate school and in my location.

Nobody hurt me or makes me sad but here (in Sudan) it is different because you can't live if you aren't liar.

When you say the truth they don't believe you but when you say lies they see that you are good.

I can't know what I should do to fix this rule. I can't afford to live with this community where I couldn't find friends or good persons easily I should look for them for long time and choose them potently.

I found a friend before four years ago his name is Muhanned Mohammed (like mine) he is the most important person in my life without hem I can't do any thing.

When I sit with him I feel that I'm alive and he is my inspiration and I trust on him more than my brother 'cause I found in him what I couldn't find in others.

He cares and asks about me more than anyone else, never forgets or ignores me I can't go away from him.

He is my love I love him so much.

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moaz said...

6. Your blog is so nice!