10 February 2007

Here we go

Dear friends,

I am so glade to finish editing this blog I will try to make it successful blog with help of you.

I want to know your opinions and comments about it.


Hala Fawzi said...

Congratulations on your baby born blog!!I like the black background!
You keep on impressing me everyday!You are really a fast learner!
Way to go Muhanned!
Happy Blogging
Teacher Hala

Teresa said...

Hello, Muhanned!
I'm very impressed with your first (ad)venture in blogging. I like the different features you added: the Clustr Map (it will now have a red dot in Portugal), the calendar, the world in your hands (absolutely!) and the clock. It's 20:30 GMT for me and 23:30 for you (GMT +3).
Keep up the great work! :-)
Teresa (your teacher's friend in Lisbon, Portugal)

Hala Fawzi said...

Hi Muhanned,
It is great to see your comments on Rodrigo's blog and Tere's class blog.Now you are using the Internet to interact with students from all over the world!Fantastic!
Here are more blogs I would like you to visit.They are Galdys' students,but they are teachers.She left a comment on our blog,remember her?
Pay them a visit, leaving them your name,country and your blog URL:
http://caereaders. blogspot. com (book, movies and music reviews)
http://ethicsfortea chers.blogspot. com (EFL teacher trainees about to
graduate discuss issues on ethics in teaching)
http://lcbttceducat ors.blogspot. com/ (EFL teacher trainees who have
just entered college discuss how different educators have influenced
them in their views)
Teacher Hala.
I am proud of you!

Sarah Braxton said...

Dear Shrarh,
Greetings from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA! At the advise of your wonderful teacher, Hala, I have paid a visit to your blog. Congratulations! I hope that you continue to add posts. I am also a new blogger, thanks to Hala through the Becoming a Webhead course. You can see mine at http://jvhslibrarian.blogspot.com. Right now it is just a collection of things that I wanted to try.

Good luck to you!
Sarah Braxton

Michael said...

Muhanned - congrats on creating your blog. If you feel like writing some more I'd be interested to know more about your life in Sudan - are you working or studying? Part or full time? What do you do in your spare time? etc. We have a lot of refugees from Sudan arriving in Australia these days and all of a sudden people here are a lot more interested in Sudan and other African countries because we now Africans living amongst us. Till now, Africa has been the forgotten continent for most Australians.

Sharon said...

Fantastic start to blogging. I have many blogs that I use for my family and my work. Isn't it nice to be able to read and respond to others around the world - even those you do not know?

mmvcentro said...

Hi Muhanned!
Congratulations on your first blog, impressive work! I will have to learn from you, I am learning to blog too :-).
I've heard that you have posted comments also in other blogs, isn´t it great to be in touch with people from all over the world?
I am from Mexico, we do not hear often from Africa around here so I will visit your blog to know about you, your country and your progress.
Love: Maru

Berta said...

Dear Muhanned! Great start. This is a great opportunity for you to have your own special site on line. I am more than sure it will be a very successful experience. I hope to come back again and see the posts you have created here.
Best regards from Berta, a Venezuelan in Toronto

emfglobetrotter said...

Just wanted to leave a little note to congratulate you on a beautiful blog. I especially love the world in your hands!And the black background really makes things stand out.
Elisabeth Fernandes in Japan

Hala said...

Thank you for leaving a message to Muhanned.He is one of the best in class!
Wait for his new webpublishings.

kingo2009 said...

Hello, Muhanned!
Congratulations on your good and useful blog
and really you have nice topics